University Preparatory Course


The University Preparatory Course (UPC) focuses on preparing students to take, and succeed in, university entrance exams and guide them in making well-informed choices with regards to universities and majors.


Scholarship Applicants


We offer partial and full scholarships and loans to academically excelling and financially needy Palestinian students in Lebanon, who want to continue their higher education in Lebanon or abroad.


Students on a Scholarship


Students on a scholarship receive continuous guidance and support from a team of dedicated and experienced staff. We are available every Wednesday and Friday from 10 - 12:30 and from 13:30 - 16




Scholarship Alumni


Our scholarship alumni can expect several services ranging from workshops on how to prepare for the labor market to being updated on graduate scholarship opportunities and job placement





Submitting Fall 2016 Grades Deadline

The deadline to submit your Final Semester Grades or Transcripts are

  • January 06 2017 for AUB and LAU

  • January 13 2017 for NEU

  • February 03 2017 for EMU

If your grades are not ready within the deadlines, kindly inform us.


Daughters for Life Application Deadline

The Daughters for Life (DFL) Scholarships applications are due January 16 2017.


Al Ghurair Foundation and MEPI Scholarship Applications Deadline

The Al Ghurair and MEPI Scholarships applications are due January 15 2017.


AUB and LAU Application are now open!

Students in their last year of secondary school (Grade 12) should apply as soon as possible to AUB and LAU. The faster you apply ithe qucker you will receive your result. Deadline for AUB is November 30 (early) and December 20 (regular) and for LAU January 31 (early). for more information, please visit the websites of AUB: www.aub.edu.lb and LAU: www.lau.edu.lb


The ULYP Student Code of Conduct

 I, as ULYP BRIDGE student, hereby confirm and commit to the below stated responsibilities and obligations. I understand that any negligence to fulfill the commitments is viewed as a serious matter and could mean dismissal from university and withdrawal of financial support provided by ULYP. Therefore I will at all times do my uttermost to be exemplary and abide to the commitments.

 For any issues or questions that cannot be solved by email, ULYP welcomes you to come any Wednesday and Friday to our office between 10-12:30 and 13:30-16. For any other urgent matter, call us to schedule an appointment. Showing up without an appointment on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays does not mean we have the time to discuss your issue or even solve it. Issues that must be solved involve communication with other parties (different donors, universities, organizations, etc.)


Academic standing

  • All students must maintain a full course of study and attain a high level of academic excellence. Dropping or withdrawing from classes without informing ULYP will jeopardize the continuation of the financial assistance. If you have an urgent case and you need to withdraw from a course, you are always required to ask for permission first, two weeks before the drop and add period.

  • Dropping courses is not allowed unless it is:

a.       Over and above the credits required by your university (Example: 12 credits at LAU/15 credits at AUB).

b.       Will not result in additional semesters (meaning that students will have to manage to take these courses as overloads in future semesters).

c.       It’s not a prerequisite for another course, which eventually lead to a need for an extra semester to graduate.

  • The student must maintain a minimum of required 2.5 or 72% to ensure not losing financial assistance.  In case you get a lower GPA you will be asked to attend a meeting with the scholarship committee to assess your scholarship situation.

  • The moment you feel you need help with a specific course don't wait until it gets worse let us know on the spot, students who have already taken the same course can tutor you free of charge.

  • Keep in touch with each other, ask for advice, and give advice on professors who should be avoided.

  • You need to ask ULYP’s permission for transferring majors on time. We cannot give you an approval or rejection within a few days.

  • If you fail one semester you will receive an official warning from ULYP and will be invited for a meeting with the scholarship committee discussing the consequences.

  • If your GPA is below 2 during your first semester a change of major has to be discussed with the scholarship committee. ULYP has the right to impose a change of major even if it is on a case by case basis. Also you are responsible to cover any lost financial aid or embassy payment of the following semester.

  • If you fail two consecutive semesters (meaning you receive a GPA below 70 or 2.00) ULYP will stop any financial assistance. This is not up for discussion.

  • If you fail one semester, pass the following and then fail the third, the student will have to pay the full tuition of the semester afterwards. If the student then returns to ULYP with a GPA above 72 we might reconsider resuming the financial assistance.

  • If a student receives a GPA less than 1.5 for any semester ULYP may immediately stop the financial assistance.



  • All students must make sure to send all required documents if and when requested by ULYP to the following email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • All students are required to check their email daily and immediately reply that the email is received and read. We will not call to check if you have seen the email.

  •  All candidates must make sure always to update us with their contact information (email and telephone). The email should be of a professional form (for example This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

  • Communication through email and in person is expected to be professional. This means addressing people around you in a proper and respectable manner and responding to questions and email immediately and in a formal tone. In emails always explain the situation in a clear way and make sure to attach the requested documents. Screenshots and photos are not allowed. Please see attached email template for more info.

  • Always respect the deadlines set out by ULYP.  If you miss a deadline ULYP will most probably not assist you with the matter at hand.

  • All contact to ULYP must be done personally. This means that we usually will not respond to inquiries from parents and/or friends.

  •  ULYP does not approve students sending emails to the scholarship committee members. All communication must be done through the ulypstudents email. Keep in mind we need minimum 5 working days to respond to your email. Do not repeat the same email multiple times. Also when we receive and email, you will receive and automatic response that we received it. You do not have to double check if we received your email.

  • If anything in your university life changes – either academically, financially or living arrangements – always make sure to contact ULYP. It is important that we are updated on any and all changes.

  • If we ask you to send your account summary (for AUB students) or transaction summary (for LAU students) immediately send it. Do not just forward documents. Check to make sure that the correct amount of financial aid and the embassy payment is reflected.

  • If we ask you to present transcripts at the end of every academic year, do not send your grades as a sms text, or on whatsapp, or as a screenshot. You need to email them as attachments as they appear on the University website. Your name, the semester GPA and cumulative GPA should be clearly visible on the document. If we suspect any editing of the document and that turns to be true then ULYP will be forced to immediately stop any financial assistance without discussion. If you cannot send your transcripts due to a hold, send us your current grades instead.


General regulations

  • All students must comply with all university rules and regulations. Any lying, illegal or dishonorably conduct and involvement in politics could be cause for dismissal from university and thereby jeopardize your funding from ULYP. If you are dismissed from university, your scholarship will be terminated.

  • All students are required to assist ULYP in some form of volunteer work starting your second academic year. We expect you to dedicate at least one semester during your study volunteering in our office or for one of our programs. In the beginning of each academic year we will request your course schedule for this reason.

  • If ULYP discovers at any point in time that you have intentionally provided ULYP with inaccurate information regarding family income, GPA results, financial changes, etc. ULYP will have the right to terminate any financial assistance immediately.  This is not up for discussion.

  • If you are facing a problem or suspect that a problem will arise soon, immediately inform us because ULYP cannot solve issues at the last minute. Issues that must be solved involve communication with other parties (different donors, universities, organizations, etc.).

  • As a ULYP student we need you to sign a transcript release form at the registrar’s office the moment you start university so ULYP is able to request your transcripts every semester.

  • From now on we will work with a warning system for students who are applying for a scholarships but also students already in university. With two warnings the scholarship committee will meet with you and discuss the consequences of further warnings.You'll be informed in advance when a warning will be issued in case you fail to meet our expectation. Also the warning system is implemented at all times regarding issues mentioned in the student pledge (please find attached) and all issues mentioned in this email.


Financial matters

  • The student is responsible for ensuring to graduate in the set time period, so always make sure to be in constant and continuous contact with the course advisor regarding the course schedules. If the student does not graduate on time or needs summer course and the major does not require this, the student is responsible for covering the additional costs. To know whether your major requires summer please refer to the majors catalogue of your academic year. If you’re still in doubt after doing your research please contact ULYP office.

  • Only those students for whom a summer term is a requirement can take summer courses. We will not cover summer courses if it is not a requirement. Always inform us ahead of time if you are taking summer courses.

  • ULYP We can not make tuition or stipend payments until you send us your transcripts, account summary per term (AUB) or transaction summary (LAU).

  • If students delay sending any of these documents, this will have an effect on other students  because we have groups of students on one donor who we report to. For example if one students does not send his/her grades, we cannot report to that donor, which means the donor will not pay, which means ULYP cannot pay the tuition of all students in the same group. Your delay has an effect on your peers.

  • Anytime you lose your financial aid or embassy payments due to low GPA or for not applying or for registering less than the minimumcredits required by your university to receive financial aid, you are responsible to cover the lost amount. If you are not able to cover the amount yourself, then you can request a loan from the Palestinian Student Fund (PSF). ULYP does not offer loans except in unique cases decided on an individual basis.

  • It is not ULYP policy to offer stipends. This is decided by the scholarship committee based on individual cases.

  • For those who do receive stipend, ULYP will contact you when the checks are ready or the transfers are made. ULYP does not appreciate any inquiries on this matter. Always check your email regarding updates on when checks are ready or transfers are made.

  • For those who are expected to contribute towards their yearly tuition payment, ULYP will not pay until this amount appears on your account summary/transaction summary.

  • All students are required to apply and reapply to financial aid, Mahmoud Abbas Fund and Tomooh. If you decide not to apply ULYP usually will deduct the excepted amount from our financial assistance for you to the university.

  • Financial resources provided by ULYP are limited. Therefore students are encouraged to find employment to pay for books and other expenses (for example: giving private lessons). 

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