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Do you provide Scholarships for Post-Graduate Education?

Unfortunately, due to the limited resources we face, and our constant efforts to provide more scholarships to undergraduate students, ULYP does not provide scholarships for Masters, PhD, or other post-graduate educational programs. However, we do our best to inform students who aspire to continue their education of available opportunities for which they qualify, and to work with our partner organizations, foundations, and universities to ensure students receive full consideration in their applications.


Can you help me after graduating from University?

We try to stay in touch with all of our university graduates through our Alumni Association. Our members are informed of work, educational, and scholarship opportunities that are relevant to their goals. We are informed of these opportunities through our donors, as well as other Alumni, offering successful Alumni a chance to give back to their peers.


What Scholarships are available for graduate students?

Many of the sources of funding that assist students for their undergraduate education may also support Palestinians studying in Lebanon for graduate schools. The Mahmoud Abbas Foundation, provided through the Palestinian Embassy, and other funds like Tomooh are available for students studying in Lebanon. We also always encourage students to apply to financial aid and graduation assistant-ships in cases where it is available. AUB and LAU both offer those kinds of opportunities.


What about Scholarships abroad?

We do our best to notify alumni of opportunities in the US, EU, Gulf, and Southeast Asia where scholarships are available, particularly identifying scholarships that apply to students of refugee status or Palestinian nationality.


What Post-Graduate Scholarships did you work with students on in the past?

In the past we have provided students with the means to apply to numerous scholarships, including financial aid for specific courses or universities, to country or continent wide scholarships.

To begin your search, we have compiled a list of scholarships with brief descriptions that can be found here.


Can you assist me in career development and/or applying for jobs?

We offer training workshops to our undergraduate scholarship recipients on skills that they will need following graduation. Some such scholarships include CV Writing, Public Speaking, and Navigating Human Resources.


How can I contact the Alumni Association?

Questions and inquiries about what we offer or details on anything stated above can be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  


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