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Unite Lebanon Youth project (ULYP) is proud to announce the launching of ULYP’s Alumni Association (ULYPAA) as of February 2016. The ULYP Alumni Association was established to grow the network of its alumni as well as to support ULYP in achieving its mission with its future students. The ULYPAA functions within the umbrella of ULYP and is guided by the members of the scholarship committee, ULYP’s founder and director who serve as the legislative board of the Association. 

Every ULYP graduate will automatically be part of the ULYPAA general membership. However, two from each graduating class will be elected by their fellow peers to represent them in the Alumni Association Committee. The general role of the ULYPAA will be to:

  1. Develop the membership policies
  2. Define the regulations for the annual subscription
  3. Organize events to raise the profile of ULYP and the ULYPAA
  4. Grow the ULYPAA network
  5. Plan and execute activities to serve the alumni, including workshops, professional exchange forums, fund raisers and the like. 

The ULYPAA governing committee has the following members:

From ULYP:

  1. Melek El Nimer, ULYP founder
  2. Nicole Eid Abuhaydar. ULYP director
  3. Salim Karroum, ULYP Scholarship Committee Member
  4. Diab Tabari, ULYP Scholarship Committee Member

From the Alumni:

  1. Ahmad Tuhaibish, ULYP Class of 2013
  2. Alaa Othman, ULYP Class of 2013
  3. Mohammad Mirhiji, ULYP Class of 2014
  4. Lama Kilzar, ULYP Class of 2014
  5. Hiba Mawed, ULYP Class of 2014
  6. Hiba Shanaa, ULYP Class of 2015
  7. Fouad al Banna, ULYP Class of 2015
  8. Mohammad al Khatib, ULYP Class of 2015
  9. Osama Awad, ULYP Class of 2015

Please note that there is an annual membership fee of $200 dollars per year, which is equivalent to approximately $16 per month. Different payment plans and methods can be discussed and agreed upon, based on individual needs. The membership fee will directly go into the Alumni Association fund and will be used for funding the Association’s activities and events.



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