Our Goals

The overall objective of Bridge is to take students from camps to campuses by providing access to university education for as many capable underprivileged youth as possible. 

The specifics of Bridge include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing underprivileged high school students with all necessary university preparation courses in order for the students to take the university entrance exams successfully. 

  • Advising and preparing underprivileged high school students about university programs and career paths, while guiding them in their university applications. 

  • Matching students who have been granted acceptance to universities with donors, or directing them to other scholarship opportunities.

  • Empowering the youth so that they may become active and productive members of their communities and society at large.

Our Address:


Beirut Office

Beirut Building Company

Bldg Makdessi Street - Hamra Beirut

Dibbiyeh Campus

Dibbiyeh main road,

Facing the Chehab Gas Company



Contact Us

Beirut Office

Phone: +961 1 346 422 | +961 1 745 887

Fax: + 961 1 745 657

Dibbiyeh Campus

Phone: + 961 7 985210 | + 961 7 985 906

Mobile: +961 3 042200

S5 Box